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Name: L.A.Balakrishna.

Age: 24th August 1955

Address: 1064, 36th Cross, 4th ‘ T ‘ Block, Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore: 560 041.
Ph: 080 26658292 / 22448292. Cell: 98865 56292, 94485 13617

Education: Master of Engineer in Mech. Engineering.

Occupation: Healer since 1989. Was working as Asst.Prof. in Engg. College. Had a small scale industry for 20 years, manufacturing Electro-Mechanical


Regular visitor to Singapore, Malaysia, Muscat and U.K for teaching the above healing technologies since the year 2000. Conducted 30 classes at Singapore on the above sciences.

§ Produced a VCD on Reiki, multimedia based, first of its kind in the world.

§ Coverage from Indian Express. (25th May 1997 )

§ Coverage in Kolalu kannada news paper, Mandya (28 th Oct 99)

§ Coverage from Times of India (16th May 2000 )

§ Udaya TV interview of 30 min. ( 18th Aug 99)

§ Bangalore Dooradarshan’s (Chandana) program 30 min (31st May 2000)

§ Coverage from City Cable TV.

§ Coverage from Priyanka Kannada monthly magazine. (July 2000).

§ Suprabhata TV interview for 20 min. ( Jan 2001 ).

§ Coverage in Sudha Kannada weekly magazine ( started on 22nd March 2001 for 10 weeks).

§ Telephonic Interview by All India Radio, for 23 min Hassan 1st Jan.2002.

§ Coverage by Deccan Herald news paper, Bangalore on17.11.2001

§ Coverage from “C Bangalore” TV channel since Sept 2002 for 30 weeks (Wednesdays 8:00 to 8:30 pm) going on presently.

§ Healed diseases / problems like – Depression, Suicidal Tendency, Bad Marriages, Unstisfactory jobs, Anger, Tension, Poor Memory, Exam Fear and Tension, Cancer of Breast, Cancer of Stomach, Ovarian Cyst, Fibrosis in Breast and Uterus, Kidney failure, Acidity, Sciatica, Slip Disc, Spondulosis, Allergy, Asthma, Sinusitis, Migraine head ache, Pimples, Excess hairs on the body, etc, etc, to thousands of people.

§ Done 31 Natural Painless Birth Assistance, first in India.

§ Organised and conducted a seminar on ” Drugless Therapies Inevitable” successfully at Town Hall, Bangalore on 8th of August 2004.

§ Represented on behalf of all the healers, a request to the Govt. of Karnataka to recognise the Drugless therapies in Karnataka.

§ Artical on “Hypnosis for student” covered by Udayavani Kannada Daily 30-07-2004.

§ Artical on “Teletherapy” by Taranga Kannada weekly magazine dated 06-05-2004.

§ Artical on “Pendulum dowsing” by Taranga Kannada weekly magazine dated 14-10-2004

§ Artical on “Aroma therapy” by Taranga Kannada weekly magazine dated 21-10-2004

§ Ladies Club in ‘TV 9′ on “Past life Therapy” for 30 min


To help and alleviate the sufferings of People and the Mother Earth. Started orphanage, old age home, Nature Cure Hospital, Gurukula education near Kunigal, Karnataka State.

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